CoinParty2020 FAQ

November 24 2020

What is a ‘hackathon’?

A hackathon is an event where people come together to build projects within a set period of time with the aim of winning prizes. Hackathons are generally for software-based projects. People create teams to complete the work and then submit their project for judging at the end of the event.

How do I register?

You can register right now through THIS LINK.

What is the cut-off date for registration?

We suggest that anyone interested in joining the hackathon register right now, or asap, as there will be a number of pre-hackathon activities to get people warmed up. From now until kickoff is also the perfect time for you to generate ideas and build strong teams. The absolute final cutoff date to register and join in is Tuesday 1st December.

Can I work on existing projects during the hackathon?

Yes, absolutely! We want people to be able to continue to build upon and refine existing projects. It is important to have both a high-quantity but also a high-quality of tools and services within the BCH ecosystem.

The only thing we require for work that is done on existing projects is that the pre-existing work is declared to us at the start of the hackathon so it can be taken into account by the judges.

If you have been found to have used existing work which was not declared then you will be disqualified from CoinParty2020.

Do the projects need to be open source?

While open source work is encouraged, it is not a requirement for your project to be open source.

What are the rules of the hackathon?

You can find the full list of rules at THIS LINK.

Can I work on my own?

Yes, it is fine to work on your own. But wouldn’t it be so much more fun to work with a bunch of cool people? We encourage you to try to build or join a team if you can.

What is the maximum number of people we can have in a team?

The maximum size of a team is 5 people.

What kind of things can I build?

You can let your imagination run wild on what to build, including building on top of existing work (see the relevant question above for details on this). There are different prizes available so make sure to check them to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Who owns the work I do during the hackathon?

You, and only you. Each team owns 100% of the assets created by them during the hackathon.

What do I need to submit for judging at the end of the hackathon?

Each team will be required to submit:

  • An article to be released at the kickoff or just after, detailing what you are building.
  • A summary post in our slack detailing what you are building, ideally including a video presentation.
  • Give a 5-10 minute livestream interview during the hackathon to give a progress update.
  • A final video presentation of your project to be submitted to the judges for review.
  • Any relevant documentation you have created about your project. This could be github/gitlab repos, articles, graphics.

Who is CoinParty2020 for?

CoinParty is aimed at talented people who want to build fun and exciting projects that make use of Bitcoin Cash. This can be software developers, project managers, business developers, marketers, graphic designers.

How does CoinParty2020 benefit Bitcoin Cash?

CoinParty is aiming to bring tons of new talented people into the BCH ecosystem. After a hard year, and a recent successful upgrade, now is the perfect time to use this momentum to get every re-focussed on the goal of peer-to-peer cash.

How does CoinParty2020 benefit Bitcoin Unlimited?

Bitcoin Unlimited is an organisation founded to help allow peer-to-peer electronic scale to the world’s needs. Bitcoin Cash is currently our best hope of achieving this. To reach such an immense goal, BU needs access to many resources, including a large and diverse talent pool.

This is the reason why BU has always provided support to developers, including hosting events such as CoinParty2020. These events bring in the talent needed to grow BCH to a global scale.

Why is Bitcoin Unlimited asking for more funds through a flipstarter campaign?

BUIP153 that engaged BU in hosting this event, was meant to provide the amount of resources needed to host a successful event. The flipstarter campaign has two goals. The first is to generate extra financial resources to encourage even more people to join the hackathon. The second is to generate extra engagement for the hackathon itself. Flipstarter has been excellent at generating positive news for BCH.

Why another hackathon?

There have been a couple of other hackathons this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t good reason to host another one. Some events were unfortunately hindered by the sudden implementation of massive international travel restrictions. This is something we have worked round by making the event 100% virtual. Also, other events are not BCH specific, whereas CoinParty2020 is solely focussed on Bitcoin Cash!

What happens after the hackathon ends?

We hope that many of the teams and projects continue to be built upon and add significant value to the BCH ecosystem. You never know, perhaps they could find investment or even run their own flipstarter campaigns to expand them.

Who is judging the projects at CoinParty2020?

We have some of the most talented people in the Bitcoin Cash space judging CoinParty2020. Go check out to see who is onboard.