CoinParty Community Kudos Token

November 19 2020

To whack the fun up to 11 and get everyone even more involved we are also going to be giving away 1,000,000 CoinParty Kudos SLP tokens to the BCH community.

Holders of these tokens will be able to send them to their favourite team on the final day of the hackathon to vote where the prize money from our ‘Block Party’ prize will go. The prize money from the Block Party prize will be split proportionally to the the number of tokens each team receives.

And the best bit….200,000 of these CoinParty Kudos tokens will be given to backers of this very campaign! We will be sending 200,000 CoinParty Kudos tokens to the addresses that send BCH to the flipstarter campaign. The amount received will be proportional to the amount of BCH pledged. I.e. bigger pledges will get more CoinParty Kudos tokens to vote with.